1977 Born and raised in Ilulissat, Greenland. By a Greenlandic father and a danish mother

Creative in many ways from a very young age. Enjoyed creative school subjects in primary school. And liked drawing in general. Started photographing 11 years old

1993-1996 Visual arts as a school subject in North Greenland Gymnasium / Avannaani Ilinniarnertuunngorniarfik, Aasiaat, Greenland

1997-1998 various creative studies among other studies at Askov Højskole and Hadsten   Højskole (folk high schools in Denmark)

2008-2013 Member of the painter group ‘Seqineq’, who meet and paint once a week in     Ilulissat Art Museum.  Have an exhibition every year. And accasionally have short  courses of artists who pass by the Art Museum

2013 Contributed with drawings for multimedia concert and light installation ‘Nipi & Qaamasoq Saga / Mín Saga’ by Karen Thastum

2014 Completed the 1-year education at the Art School in Nuuk. Finished with a joint student exhibition at the Culture House, Katuaq, in Nuuk

2014 Exhibition in The Greenlandic House in Aarhus throughout October

2015 Completed the basic year at Aarhus Academy of Arts

2015 Exhibition at Ilulissat Art Museum, June 11th-27th August

2015 Started studying printmaking at the 3-year education at Aarhus Academy of Arts

2015 November. Christmas Seal 2015, Blue Cross, Denmark

2015 First Artist book at “The house of Hadjigeorgakis Korneorsios, Lefkosios, Lefkosia -Cyprus, 14th of October-12th of December

2015 December. Photo serie ‘A Greenlander’s fascination of trees’ in Platefrom Magazine

2016 January. Participated in and contributed to ‘Anersaaq/Anda/Ånd – Spirit of place’ in Bodø and Finnsnes, Norway. A media installation travelling Scandinavia and Greenland 2016-18 in a 20 food container, ending at the Culture Capital Aarhus and in Berlin